Demo Derby Rules & Registration

Demolition Derby Registration 2021

print out the rules here: Demo Derby Rules 2021

*ZERO alcohol tolerance policy. Oxford Fair reserves the right to inspect coolers

*All cars MUST be 1985 and newer

*4 cyliner division MUST have 105” or under wheel base

*Ladies division MUST have 108” or under wheel base

*Ladies may use 4, 6 or 8 cylinder vehicles

*Full size vehicles MUST have 105” or more wheel base, may have 6 or 8 cylinders

*Mini vans may be 4 or 6 cylinders

Mini Vans: NO All-wheel drives or composite bodies (such as Lumina APV’s or Pontiac Transports)

*NO hearses or ambulances will be allowed

*NO valve stem protectors

*Stock tires MUST be used – NO hard rubber or snow tires – NO liquid in tires—- air only

*Water in radiators only

*Gas engines only (NO diesel engines)

*Hoods and trunks MUST have locking latches removed and be tied down with rope ONLY. All cars MUST have trunk lids on AND tied down

*A 12” hole MUST be cut into hood and trunk lid (in case of fire)

*Fuel tanks may be replaced with fuel cells or smaller tanks. All tanks MUST be securely fastened AND covered or firewall between fuel cell/tank and driver

*A shut off switch IS NOT mandatory but may be added at driver discretion


*One (1) automotive battery per car…Batteries may be moved to the inside of the vehicle, but MUST be covered and bolted down…holes in the windshield MUST be in the right had corner and taped well

*Vehicle MUST remain as manufactured. NO notching, cutting, use of a hammer/sledgehammer/hammer, bending or reinforcement of any other kind other than reinforcement of Driver’s door

*All glass MUST be removed EXCEPT for windshields. If windshied is removed, it MUST be replaced with screen or Lexan

*All chrome, hub caps, antennas, wheel weights and exterior plastic MUST be removed. Plastic bumpers and side mirrors MUST be removed

*Seat belts MUST be functional AND worn at all times

*Broken seats will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION

*Foam padding in driver’s door is MANDATORY


*Driver’s door MUST be chained or welded. Passenger’s door can be chained or have four (4) 1 inch welds to hold the door shut. MAXIMUM ¼” steel plate may be used on the outside of the driver’s door.   May have cage or piping welded inside of car for driver’s safety.   MUST be professionally welded

*Transmission lines can be looped

*Helmets and goggles or face shields MUST be worn WITH chin strops fastened at all times.   Long sleeve shirt and pants MUST be worn. Firesuits are highly recommended. Must wear full shoes or boots, NO Sandals, clogs or barefeet

*NO offensive, lewd or vulgar lettering or pictures allowed